Health System Supply Chain Insights 2016 Research Report Published


Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC and PerformanSC Supply Chain Ltd – announce the publication of the third edition of their ground breaking research of healthcare providers that use a Consolidated Service Center (‘CSC’) Model for their Supply Chain and other support services.
Building on previous studies in 2012 and 2014 the independent supply chain consultants have now developed  a unique perspective on the impact of CSC operations, on health care systems’ supply chains.   The work is based on operator  input to three surveys, over a four-year period, from senior level practitioners in health systems that have implemented consolidated service centers for their supply chain.
TECSYS, a leading supply chain software company sponsored the latest edition of the survey.
“Over the three surveys we have worked with provider supply chain executives to identify a clearer picture of the supply chain transformation that is taking place in the industry.   During that time the number of identified health systems with a CSC has risen from thirty to over sixty, demonstrating both feasibility and sustainability of the model”  said Jamie Kowalski, CEO of Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC.
“In 2012 we examined the transformation to a CSC from building the business case through implementation.   We followed that up in 2014 with a detailed look at some of the value drivers within the supply chain and this year, in consultation with practitioners within the industry, we took a closer look at the supply chain structure that has been put in place and examined the metrics that are being used to drive performance.”
The objective of the Survey remains; to gather, study, and share with the industry, real world facts about the model. This may help those currently operating it and those considering pursuing it, to make informed decisions.
“In this year’s report we build a more complete picture of the procurement and logistics infrastructure that health systems have put in place, and examine the role of both  distributors and  procurement organizations in a sustaining supply chain ecosystem.  The notion of a ‘one size fits all’ supply chain is dispelled, as it is clear that systems have configured their supply chains for their own distinct situation .” said Lorcan Sheehan, CEO, PerformanSC Supply Chain.
“As healthcare supply chains become more mature, the need for objective metrics to track performance improvement is clear.     The report highlights the metrics in place and the work that needs to be done to provide credible benchmarks for providers in the future.    We look forward to working with healthcare providers to make progress in this area in the future.”
The results of the report have already been shared with the health systems that took part in the survey.    Those interested in learning more about the survey can contact Jamie Kowalski or Lorcan Sheehan.

About Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting LLC
Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC was founded by healthcare industry supply chain veteran,  Jamie C. Kowalski, FACHE,  in order to provide analysis and experienced based advice to healthcare provider hospitals and IDNs including many of those that are ranked in the Top 10 in in the US.
He has helped healthcare providers evaluate if there is a strategic fit for and/or feasibility of the CSC model in both the US and Canada.
Contact: Jamie Kowalski
About PerformanSC Supply Chain
PerformanSC Supply Chain brings independent practitioner led supply chain expertise to organizations looking to achieve step-function improvements in their supply chain performance. PerformanSC Supply Chain works with organizations across a variety of industry sectors with a particular focus on Healthcare, High Tech, Consumer Goods and Retail organizations.
Contact: Lorcan Sheehan


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