Health Systems Insights

Health Systems Insights Survey


What is the Health Systems Insights Survey?

The Healthcare Supply Chain Insights series, surveys healthcare providers, using a Consolidated Service Centre (CSC) Model for their Supply Chain and other support services.  This biennial primary research completed and has been published since 2012.

The research, carried out by PerformanSC Supply Chain Ltd, with Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC, helps providers to evaluate if there is a strategic fit for and/or feasibility of the CSC model in US and Canada healthcare providers, and from 2018 in Ireland and the UK.

The adoption of this model continues to grow at a brisk pace, now with over 80 healthcare providers engaged.  The objective of the Survey began and remains; to gather, study, and share with the industry, real world facts about the model, along with the insights shared by the respondents actually operating CSCs.

Should you wish to particpate in this survey please fill in the form and we will contact you. All those who complete the Survey will receive a free copy of the results, if all survey questions are completed. As a participant and
(anonymous) source of data and information, you will have the satisfaction of sharing the facts about the CSC model and helping peers
and colleagues make more informed decisions.