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Supply Chain Opportunities for Health Systems

Health Systems Supply Chain Challenges

Balancing cost, quality and outcomes is a consistent challenge for procurement and supply chain teams in health systems.  As traditional distribution and GPO models yield diminishing levels of return, teams are looking to take a more proactive control over their supply chains.

How can you optimise your supply chain performance?

Health systems supply chain transformation requires a change from a transactional procurement and logistics approach, to an integrated supply chain strategy.

  • Is a consolidated service centre feasible for my health system?
  • How would I define the scope and build the business case?
  • What resources, skills, capital and investments do I need to manage this transformation?
  • How best can I leverage my distribution and GPO partners?

Strategy informs the supply chain journey but execution requires operational excellence across procurement, analytics, warehousing and transportation functions.

  • How can I benchmark my performance against comparable peers?
  • How can I use my supply chain data to inform step change improvements in performance.

PerformanSC has supported and published a series of Health System supply chain insights from 2012 to 2021 which takes insights from health systems in the US, Canada and Europe.

Our team is familiar with health system operating models and bring the tools and expertise to facilitate supply chain evaluation and transformation.

Health systems

Health System Supply Chain Insights

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