Consumer Electronics and High Tech

Supply Chain Opportunities in Consumer Electronics and High Tech

Consumer Electronics and High Tech

Supply Chain Challenges

The pace of change in consumer electronics and high tech requires sophisticated supply chain design that can be planned and executed on a global basis.  

Short product life cycles, seasonally weighted demand and multiple product variations place a high importance on planning and the ability to build agility in these supply chains.

How can we help you to optimise your supply chain performance?

How can we help you to Transform Optimise Remodel your Supply Chain performance?

We provide data driven support to answer key questions in the global consumer electronics supply chains:

  • How do tariffs and shifting input costs influence the global manufacturing and distribution network?
  • How can product postponement improve inventory velocity while servicing multiple product variations?
  • How can I optimise the planning of inventory to meet service goals?
  • Where should I locate distribution centre operations? 
  • Which providers are capable of meeting my fulfilment, value added services, security, serialisation and returns needs?
  • How should I structure my service and repair supply chain?
  • Which distribution channels provide the highest margin?
  • How can I work with Amazon and other marketplace providers to best effect? 
  • Consider trade and customs flows to effectively manage trade and duties in the global supply chain.

We use our optimisation tools to provide insights into distribution and channel strategies, providing a framework that can be ‘designed-in’ to future products or used to guide supply chain consolidation efforts.

Our risk management framework and assessment guides the development of a more resilient supply chain performance over time.

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