Medical Devices and Pharma

Supply Chain Opportunities for Medical Devices and Pharma Companies

Medical Devices and Pharma Companies

Supply Chain Challenges

Medical device and pharmaceutical supply chains are under increased pressure, due to increasing research and development costs and reduced margins, driven by generics and challenged healthcare budgets.

Regulatory compliance and patient safety must be maintained while streamlining traditionally ‘inventory laden’ supply chains.

How can we help you to optimise your Supply Chain performance?

How can we help you to Transform Optimise Remodel your Supply Chain performance?

Managing quality, risk, compliance and visibility is mission critical for  Medical Devices and Pharma companies.

The compliance landscape continues to evolve with new medical device and pharma regulations which require a coordinated implementation approach from product, quality, supply chain, regulatory and commercial teams.

Our consultants are experienced in managing the delivery of complex projects across multiple stakeholders and can aid compliance and training efforts.

Performance improvement in a regulated supply chain environment requires a deliberate and strategic approach to identifying opportunities and managing execution in a controlled manner.

We use your supply chain data to identify opportunities to:

  • Plan more effective inventory levels within the supply chain to support service requirements.
  • Map supply chain, manufacturing and distribution flows to identify cost, capacity  and cycle time improvements.
  • Develop supply chain capabilities to respond to evolving patient care trends and associated delivery models
  • Benchmark current performance against healthcare and against other industries to identify a portfolio of opportunities.
  • Consider trade and customs flows to effectively manage trade and duties in the global supply chain.

Our services, using our optimisation research tools to provide insights into distribution and channel strategies, providing a framework that can be ‘designed-in’ to future products or used to guide supply chain consolidation efforts.

Our risk management framework and assessment guides the development of a more resilient supply chain performance over time.

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