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Supply Chain Opportunities in Retail

Retail and Services

Supply Chain Challenges

In the ever changing world of high street retail and services, supply chains need to adapt to the shifting mix between brick and mortar stores and eCommerce.   Managing range, product availability, distribution costs, service and returns are critical to sustained retail profitability and growth.

How can we help you to optimise your supply chain performance?

How can we help you to Transform Optimise Re-model your Supply Chain performance?

Retail and services supply chain execution can be greatly enhanced by the use of supply chain data to improve the design of the distribution network, fleet, routing and to inform decisions on range and channel strategy.

PerformanSC has extensive experience in using retail data to answer some of the most common retail supply chain questions.

  • Where should I locate my distribution centres and how big should the be?
  • How can I increase the throughput from my distribution centre?
  • Which products should I distribute centrally?
  • How much inventory should I hold to ensure 99% product availability?
  • What is the optimal fleet mix to meet my distribution needs?
  • How can I improve the routing of my fleet to save time and costs?
  • What changes do I need to make to my supply chain to support eCommerce?
  • How do I maximise the value I recover from returns?
  • Can I benchmark my performance against comparable peers?
  • How can I measure the effectiveness and efficiency of my distribution operations?

Using your retail sales and supply data with our tools and techniques we can identify a series of supply chain improvements and educate your team on how to measure, manage and sustain operational progress.  

For more details on our services to support strategy, improvement and compliance, please refer to our services page, or contact us for an initial discussion.

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