Supply chain, customs and compliance training

Supply chain, customs and compliance training

Flexible training delivery options

We deliver Supply Chain training in various ways, to suit your business' needs.  Public training delivered by PerformanSC directly or through its partners.  Dedicated in-house training programs tailored for individual company needs

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Customs Awareness

Purpose of this training is to provide an introductory awareness of customs concepts and frameworks.

Role of Customs
Definitions and terms
Customs and duties framework

  • Valuation
  • Classification
  • Origin and preference
  • Special reliefs

AEO and Customs comprehensive guarantees
Introduction to customs documentation
Introduction to EU & US Export Controls
Potential BREXIT considerations


Insights into Incoterms - International Commercial Terms published by International Chamber of Commerce
What are Incoterms?
Role in international trade
Management of risk
Definitions and explanation of 11 Incoterms
Which are best for your company?

Supply Chain and Brexit

Purpose of this training is to provide insights into BREXIT related supply chain issues:

Customs and trade overview:

  • EU Customs union
  • Free trade agreements
  • World Trade Organization

Customs and duties framework
Introduction to customs paperwork
Potential Brexit scenarios
Supply chain flows for customers and suppliers
Tariff codes and potential duty impacts
Bonded shipments
Regulations and standards
Currency impacts
Labour issues
Practical steps to prepare

Authorised Economic Operator ('AEO')

This course is targeted at individuals and teams  who need to understand how to obtain and maintain AEO certification.

What is an AEO?
Types of AEO and benefits
Company roles in supply chain as they apply to AEO
Multinational companies and AEO
AEO application process
AEO self-assessment questionnaire
Gap analysis and risk assessment
How to plan and manage your AEO working groups across multiple departments
Written procedures and internal processes required by businesses and how to link them into existing quality procedures
Maintaining AEO compliance – best practices impact of being an AEO


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