Understanding Incoterms ® help importers and exporters to understand their responsibilities and to avoid costly misunderstandings

In-house training course for individuals and teams

International Commercial Terms, more commonly referred to as Incoterms ®, are a set of globally recognised rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).  They are covered by International Law and designed to clearly communicate transactions, costs and risk associated with the international transportation of goods.

Our Incoterms ® training provides clarity and guidance of the appropriate rules for your business.

Incoterms® Learning Objectives

In today’s online world, organisations’ international trade continues to grow.   Since your customer can be based anywhere, and your suppliers may be globally dispersed, companies are maintaining international supply chains to support their businesses.

For all transactions regarding the international transportation of goods, companies must ensure they are using the correct documentation, making correct declarations, and using the correct Incoterms® will ensure that your responsibilities are understood and unnecessary costs are avoided.

Understanding each of the 11 Incoterms ®, where responsibility lies, how they are used and the impact of using them incorrectly, is key to ensuring you are managing cost and risk in your international shipments.

These rules are there to guide you, and this training will provide you with an understanding of each of the rules and what they might mean for your business.

Course information

Duration of the course is one half day

Maximum 10-15 persons

Training can be provided online, onsite at PerformanSC, or at your business’ training facility

The course provides an understanding of Incoterms®, and the importance of using the most appropriate rules for your business.

Content in the course covers areas including;
  • Understand what Incoterms® are and where they came from
  • Appreciate the role of Incoterms® in international commerce and the supply chain
  • Understand the responsibilities of each party associated with the transportation of goods
  • How critical Incoterms are in the Supply Chain
  • Categories of Incoterms®
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Incoterms
  • See the impacts of Incoterms® in the Supply Chain
  • Common Pitfalls to be aware of
  • Reflect on your own roles and how Incoterms® affect the transactions you manage

  • Those responsible for customs, trade, quality and compliance
  • Finance Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Directors
  • Supply Chain and logistics professionals
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