Supply Chain Opportunities for Utilities Companies


Supply Chain Challenges

The development and effective maintenance of infrastructure, is critical to the operation of utilities companies.  

A typical development project, is a large capital project which requires a physical supply chain network.   

The maintenance of a utilities infrastructure can be greatly enhanced, by carrying out a supply network study.  Indeed, these and spares management models, both work to ensure an effective support supply chain, when deployed in a cost effective manner.

In addition, smart infrastructure includes a digital supply chain component.  These often require the effective deployment of customer premises equipment, in the field.

  • Infrastructure projects require planning, project management and project logistics at scale

  • Infrastructure maintenance requires long term planning, support and repair of network spares

  • Systems required to proactively manage preventative maintenance and service history

  • Deployment of network spares in a distributed fashion, to meet service needs

  • Customer install, service and upgrade requires technical teams supported in field with parts

  • Customer retention needs effective delivery for product and service commitments

How can we help you to optimise your Supply Chain performance?

How can we help you to your Supply Chain performance?

We support providers in the utilities industry in establishing the supply chain disciplines to manage large infrastructure projects;

  • Scope the physical supply chain requirements and identify partners in-region, that can support both project and ongoing supply chain needs
  • Establish procurement and sourcing disciplines, which are used to manage capital spend vs budget
  • Support the management of customs and trade issues, in the procurement of large capital items
  • Advise on delivery incoterms, to ensure clarity on supplier responsibility, insurance and clearance requirements

Our supply chain strategy and performance improvement services, support the effective design and deployment of network services;

  • We provide network studies, which will scope and size a distributed supply chain network to meet service requirements
  • Our spares inventory planning model can be utilised to meet your service goals for repair and maintenance
  • Transportation and delivery requirements are key to ensuring that technical teams can be deployed effectively, with supported inventory in the field
  • The selection of your field services partner and its’ governance structure, is key to managing customer service needs
  • Evaluation of returns process is required in order to maximise value capture and recovery, both from field service and from customer returns
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