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Medical Devices and Pharma

Medical device and pharmaceutical supply chains continue to experience increased pressure, due not only to the pandemic and global conflicts, but increasing R&D costs and reduced margins, driven by generics and challenged healthcare budgets.

Regulatory compliance and patient safety must be maintained while streamlining traditionally ‘inventory laden’ supply chains.

Our services, using our OR tools to provide insights into distribution and channel strategies, provide a framework that can be ‘designed-in’ to future products or used to guide supply chain consolidation efforts.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage companies, providing high quality products to consumers, require an integrated supply chain ensuring the safety and protecting the integrity of their products.

PerformanSC has also been active in supporting initiatives to reduce food waste and to address packaging and sustainability issues.  See here for information on our sustainability policy, including our internal commitment to our clients.  Contact us for further information on how we can support the operational and strategic development of your supply chain.

Consumer Electronics and Technology

The pace of change in consumer electronics and high tech requires sophisticated supply chain designs that can be planned and executed on a global basis.

Short product life cycles, seasonally weighted demand and multiple product variations place a high importance on planning and agility within these supply chains.

Our risk management framework and assessment guides the development of a more resilient supply chain performance over time.

Health Systems

Balancing cost, quality and outcomes is a consistent challenge for procurement and supply chain teams in health systems.  As traditional distribution and GPO models yield diminishing levels of return, teams are looking to take a more proactive control over their supply chains.

Our team is familiar with health system operating models and bring the tools and expertise to facilitate supply chain evaluation and transformation.

The bi-annual Health Systems report that PerformanSC jointly publish provides health systems with uptodate insights and observations.


The development and effective maintenance of infrastructure is critical to the operation of utilities companies.   A typical development project being a large capital project requiring a physical supply chain network.

The maintenance of a utilities infrastructure can be greatly enhanced by completing a supply network study.  These studies, as well as spares management modeling, work to ensure an effective support supply chain, when deployed in a cost effective manner.

Retail and Services

In the ever changing world of high street retail and services, and the post pandemic needs of the consumer, supply chains must adapt to the continued shifting mix between bricks & mortar and eCommerce.   Managing range, product availability, distribution costs, service and returns are critical to sustained retail profitability and growth.

Using your retail sales and supply data, with our tools and techniques we can identify a series of supply chain improvements and educate your team on how to measure, manage and sustain operational progress.

Logistics and Transportation

Supply chain, logistics, and transportation service providers are at the forefront in executing the supply chain requirements of their customers, across all industries.  The opportunity to grow with customers that are willing to work with industry experts, has never been higher.

For many years, industry studies have highlighted a customer expectations gap, where third party logistics providers (‘3PLs’) do not meet the service expectations of their customers.  Developing capabilities to close these gaps is rarely be done in the timeframe of a tender and requires strategic consideration and investment to meet the requirements of a particular industry or customer segment.

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