Performance Optimisation

Services supporting your Performance Optimisation needs

Inventory Optimisation for Service

Analyse historical demand to segment products by demand behaviour and provide insights into the most appropriate planning models.

Incorporate statistical planning methods into replenishment processes to optimise for desired inventory availability and service levels.  Provide management tools to highlight trade offs between inventory investments and service.

Training and support of planning teams in implementing revised planning approaches. Be sure to check out our blog post on Inventory Optimisation in 2024.

Supply Chain Network Optimisation

Develop data driven supply chain network recommendations to optimise service and cost objectives. Create a virtual data model to simulate the network based on customer demand, service level, capital, labour and transportation cost inputs.

Identify optimal manufacturing, warehouse and distribution location(s) to service expected customer demand across multiple channels.  Simulate the impact on this network for changes in demand, input costs, capacity constraints to support supply chain network decisions.

Warehouse Layout and Design

PerformanSC provide expertise in making your warehouse more effective.  The analysis undertaken looks at your current operations, layout, design, resourcing or the picking and storage operations.

Through our layout and design service, we use your data to review your warehouse operations and its capacity, considering pick face and bulk storage, marshalling needs.  We can also provide a proposed layout and racking configuration for a new or redesigned facility, while accommodating an efficient flow of materials through the site, with optimised resource utilisation. If you would like to know more information on the topic of warehouse optimisation be sure to check out our post!

Other services in this area

PerformanSC works with your organisation to identify the optimal distribution route between your preferred location(s) and your customer(s).

In order to optimise the routes determined, we give consideration to asset requirements, delivery constraints, fixed and variable locations, customer demand locations and optimised distribution time and distance.

The PerformanSC operations research team, supported by our optimisation tool-set, executes the network evaluation process.  This determines the number of sites/locations, size requirements, customers served, sourcing strategies and other aspects of your business.

Our experience in providing unique and targeted solutions, will provide you and your team with the support, insights and suggested approach, that best meets your business needs.

A typical, successful supply chain provides for;

  • service levels which lead to increased customer satisfaction
  • fewer stock-outs which result in increased revenue / reduced cost
  • reduced order cycle time, creating greater channel confidence and reduced inventory carrying
  • material Issued in a “demand pull” environment which drives a reduction in excess & obsolescence
  • improved forecast accuracy used to set up the supply chain
  • appropriate automation and communication tools
  • supply chain coping with uncertainty

Fundamental to the successful management of an organisation’s supply chain is the visibility into these activities.  This applies internally as well as through partners and suppliers.

Maintaining control, identifying potential areas of risk, monitoring the business through static and seasonal activity, are all dependent on control features in place.

Are your organisations’ business functions integrated?

Do they collaborate in setting of common goals and improved communication?

Does your business experience challenges with excess inventory?

Do your sales, finance and manufacturing / production organisations align to a commonly agreed set of numbers?

These are just some of the challenges that are experienced by companies who do not have an optimised sales & operations planning function.

PerformanSC support organisations through a review of their supply chain operations.  This will determine the areas, where the implementation of a formal and structured sales & operations planning process, can provide a structured approach to improving business alignment and leverage your current key processes.

Do you experience capacity constraints?

Do you use a Lean approach to your operations?

Are your processes optimised to maximise throughput and minimise your costs?

Are your processes integrated with your supply chain partners?

Re-engineering your approach, whether in manufacturing, warehousing, goods inwards, fulfilment, or any other area of your operation, can work to remove waste and optimise your process.  This can all be achieved whilst managing your costs.  Our lean six sigma approach, supports your efforts in re-engineering your processes, towards a successfully optimised supply chain.

We pride ourselves in our hands-on and results oriented approach to performance improvement

Our operations research and analytics team, with deep functional expertise, works directly with your organisation in a practical and hands on fashion.

We are here to support you, whether you are reviewing your network to best meet your customers’ needs, or needing increased visibility and control over your performance. Perhaps you are re-engineering your warehouse or manufacturing operations, or indeed working to improve your transport network. Contact us now.

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