Channel and Market Strategy

eCommerce and Retail

The shift from bricks and mortar to online sales has made consideration of eCommerce sales an imperative for many companies.

eCommerce supply chains require careful configuration to align with customer expectations and physical flows need to be considered in conjunction with customer interaction, financial flows, sales taxes, customer support and returns requirements.  Companies must also consider their strategy for Amazon and other marketplaces.

We support customers in developing their eCommerce supply chain strategy in home markets and internationally.

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New Market Expansion

Taking supply chains to a new region requires an understanding of customer demographics, transportation and provider infrastructure, customs and trade, security, route to market, sales taxes, regulatory and cultural dynamics.

With our global resources we have significant experience in helping companies research and deploy the appropriate supply chains to enable new markets.

We identify the requirements specific to an industry and work with companies to establish the necessary infrastructure, themselves or through a qualified partner.

Channel Strategy - Supply Chain Alignment

Understanding the economics and supply chain requirements of each channel is key.  Direct to consumer channels frequently retain a higher share of customer revenue but they come with higher supply chain costs and service needs.

Retail channels must align with specific retailer routing guides, and can incur significant penalties for non compliance.  B2B customers frequently have specific product configuration and procurement requirements.

Understanding the impact of each channel, the customer opportunity and the cost to serve is critical to developing an appropriate channel and supporting supply chain strategy.

Other services in this area

Supply chain has the potential to be a significant enabler of growth but particularly for high growth companies, supply chain problems can also become a barrier to growth.

PerformanSC has developed a supply chain assessment program to review current supply chain capabilities and identify areas that require attention in the context of a company’s growth plans.

This allows the proactive prioritisation and investment in capabilities ahead of the need and ensures that supply chains are ready to support planned growth.

Expanding your business into new markets or channels?

Enabling growth is a critical function of any supply chain and it can have a greater financial impact than measures to address cost and efficiency.

In a global market economy, companies have significant opportunities to grow beyond their home market but this frequently requires a knowledge of geographic, regulatory and service requirements.

Distribution channels and routes to market have become more varied and a supporting distributor supply chain may need to be very different from one that supports retail, ecommerce, business to business, marketplace and digital commerce.

PerformanSC has significant experience in supporting companies through the incremental capabilities required to enable this growth – through internal and partner capabilities.  Our Supply Chain for start-ups program provides specific supports for start-up and rapid growth companies.

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