Provider Independence Policy

Provider Independence Policy: Because PerformanSC has worked with both OEMs and providers over the years, we have adopted a strict policy of provider independence to avoid any potential conflict. Being independent is important to PerformanSC because we know that our clients expect and deserve the best, impartial and unbiased advice to support their business objectives. To achieve that we have adopted specific policies in the development of our business:

  • We will not be unduly influenced by the opinions of any current, former or potential client
  • We will never represent more than one party in a business transaction
  • We will never accept payments directly or indirectly for inclusion in a client sourcing process
  • We will never charge for inclusion in our market research or findings
  • We place a high value on client data confidentiality and design our processes to protect that trust
  • We do not endorse or promote individual suppliers, service providers or their technologies, products or services

The statements we will make about suppliers, service providers, their technologies, products and services will be based strictly on our own research and insights.

We respect and appreciate supplier engagement and will provide them with opportunities to present and help us validate their potential value to the market. If we are in doubt about a potential conflict, we will err on the side of full disclosure to the parties concerned or will take action to remove ourselves from the conflict.

This policy is central to all of our work and we appreciate your support in maintaining and respecting its’ enforcement.