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The PerformanSC suite of services offer support for your current and future supply chain. 

Our team of highly accomplished supply chain practitioners  support you in optimising how your supply chain performs and in managing your outsource processes and partnerships. 

Whether your organisation is an SME or a large multi-national, we provide the expertise to support your channel and market expansion undertakings, while managing your trade compliance and risk for future and current business.

Strategy and Performance Improvement services

We pride ourselves in our hands-on and results oriented approach to performance improvement. 

Our operations research and analytics team, with deep functional expertise, works directly with your organisation in a practical and hands on fashion.

We are here to support you, whether you are reviewing your network to best meet your customers’ needs, or needing increased visibility and control over your performance.  Perhaps you are re-engineering your warehouse or manufacturing operations, or indeed working to improve your transport network.  Contact us now.

PerformanSC uses a statistical approach to analyse your current network data.  From that analysis, we recommend the optimal number and location of supply chain sites, supported by our optimisation services.

Our operations research team support your decision making process on network design.  We use scenarios in key areas, to provide you with an increased confidence in your business strategy.  

The PerformanSC approach will identify, not only the optimal location for your storage location or warehouse, but also for the materials to support your most critical activities.  We will then validate the suggested approach, against the overall cost impact of decisions made.  

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The PerformanSC operations research team are here to support your business’ inventory planning activity. 

We use your historical customer demand to analyse and highlight the underlying demand behaviour of your products. This is done through our analysis, partitioning and categorisation approach.

Our approach, segments your materials based on their demand behaviour, and uses statistical methods to model and quantify any potential inventory models.  We support the model, by suggesting adjustments to your planning, procurement or inventory management approaches, in order to optimise your inventory levels held.

Are your organisations’ business functions integrated?

Do they collaborate in setting of common goals and improved communication?

Does your business experience challenges with excess inventory?

Do your sales, finance and manufacturing / production organisations align to a commonly agreed set of numbers?

These are just some of the challenges that are experienced by companies who do not have an optimised sales & operations planning function.

PerformanSC support organisations through a review of their supply chain operations.  This will determine the areas, where the implementation of a formal and structured sales & operations planning process, can provide a structured approach to improving business alignment and leverage your current key processes.

Do you experience capacity constraints?

Do you use a Lean approach to your operations?

Are your processes optimised to maximise throughput and minimise your costs?

Are your processes integrated with your supply chain partners?

Re-engineering your approach, whether in manufacturing, warehousing, goods inwards, fulfilment, or any other area of your operation, can work to remove waste and optimise your process.  This can all be achieved whilst managing your costs.  Our lean six sigma approach, supports your efforts in re-engineering your processes, towards a successfully optimised supply chain.

PerformanSC provide expertise in making your warehouse more effective.  The analysis undertaken looks at your current operations, layout, design, resourcing or the picking and storage operations. 

Through our layout and design service, we use your data to review your warehouse operations and its capacity, considering pick face and bulk storage, marshalling needs.  We can also provide a proposed layout and racking configuration for a new or redesigned facility, while accommodating an efficient flow of materials through the site, with optimised resource utilisation.

Warehouse design

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A typical, successful supply chain provides for;

  • service levels which lead to increased customer satisfaction
  • fewer stock-outs which result in increased revenue / reduced cost
  • reduced order cycle time, creating greater channel confidence and reduced inventory carrying
  • material Issued in a “demand pull” environment which drives a reduction in excess & obsolescence
  • improved forecast accuracy used to set up the supply chain
  • appropriate automation and communication tools
  • supply chain coping with uncertainty

Fundamental to the successful management of an organisation’s supply chain is the visibility into these activities.  This applies internally as well as through partners and suppliers. 

Maintaining control, identifying potential areas of risk, monitoring the business through static and seasonal activity, are all dependent on control features in place.

PerformanSC works with your organisation to identify the optimal distribution route between your preferred location(s) and your customer(s).  

In order to optimise the routes determined, we give consideration to asset requirements, delivery constraints, fixed and variable locations, customer demand locations and optimised distribution time and distance.

The PerformanSC operations research team, supported by our optimisation tool-set, executes the network evaluation process.  This determines the number of sites/locations, size requirements, customers served, sourcing strategies and other aspects of your business.

Our experience in providing unique and targeted solutions, will provide you and your team with the support, insights and suggested approach, that best meets your business needs.

Optimisation with the operations research team
Warehouse layout and performance improvement
Planning and operations working group

Compliance and Risk Management services

Risk management was once seen as preparing for irregular disruptive supply chain events such as fires or natural disasters.   In an increasingly global and uncertain world, companies are now realising that the supply chains face equally disruptive events.  These come from trade and tariffs, currency and financial shocks, cyber attacks as well as potential exposure to key suppliers.

Compliance requirements are at the heart of exports, product security and trade.   Supply chain teams are frequently unaware of their responsibilities or they lack the systematic processes, to ensure ongoing compliance.

Development and deployment of a risk framework to identify and manage a range of risks across the supply chain.

Move risk management from an event driven response to a continuous process that monitors priority risk areas linked to the business.

Develop resilience capabilities within the supply chain to adapt and recover from risk events.

Design and develop supplier management frameworks to ensure the integrity of third party supply within your supply chain.    

Measure beyond financial and services level metrics and extend quality assurance, traceability and visibility across multiple supply tiers.

Educate your team on trade and customs requirements for your business, your responsibilities and the consequences of non compliance.

Develop systems and processes, internally and with suppliers to ensure compliance.   

Evaluate special customs procedures that can simplify customs procedure and minimise the impact of duties.   

Support engagement with revenue and customs authorities on compliance, classification, origin and valuation issues.

Many companies engage the services of external customs brokers to clear goods through customs and make declarations on their behalf.  

We have developed a broker audit compliance capability to provide ongoing assurance that these declarations meet classification, valuation and documentation requirements.

BREXIT has the potential to be very disruptive of supply chain flows in Europe.  

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, it is likely that companies will face increased customs and trade compliance requirements.

We work with companies to assess the potential impacts from the various exit scenarios and to prepare their own supply chain and that of their customers and suppliers for the changes. 

Read more about Brexit planning

Changes in global tariffs have the potential to significantly disrupt the economics of existing manufacturing and distribution footprints.

We have worked with several companies to assess the impact of actual and proposed tariff changes and to develop tariff mitigation strategies.   

This involves analysing at global supply chain network design in conjunction with classification and origin rules to address tariff changes but also to prepare supply chains for further disruption and the requirement to become more adaptable.

External process certification can be driven by industry and  customer requirements but it can also drive significant process and commercial benefits.

We actively support companies in assessing the relevance of certification for their business and manage the certification process in conjunction with their teams.

Specifically we support:

AEO customs certification – provides assurance on customs processes, product security and is a requirement to take advantage of many customs simplifications.

ISO Certification – quality management system design, implementation and certification support.

TAPA Certification – ensure product security within an operation and through the supply chain processes.

Medical device and health products GDP and responsible person training.

Compliance and risk management
Broker Audit management service to support valuation and compliance

Outsource Process Management support

Is your supply chain partner right for you?

Through our work with both clients and providers, PerformanSC have a unique perspective on matching provider capabilities to your needs.

From the gathering of requirements, to partner selection and contract negotiation, PerformanSC will support you in the process from start to end.  We support your team with independent expertise, to drive the best decisions and structure.

PerformanSC has significant experience in scoping, developing and managing supply chain tender processes across the industries.
Our team has many years experience in managing integrated supply chain solutions.  We are in a position to support you through the process of developing and clarifying your needs, from a supply chain partner. 

Companies are often unclear of their exact needs when looking for support from a third party provider.  They are generally aware of the rates they are paying and the great service they are experiencing, but are unsure if their costs are comparable in the market or if they are receiving the best service.  In addition, organisations may be looking to expand into new geographies or markets, or indeed their business requirements have changed and a current partner is no longer able to support them.

With an extensive knowledge of the outsource market, as well as providers and their capabilities, PerformanSC provide an independent assessment of the options open to your organisation, in line with our supplier independence policy. 

PerformanSC has developed an effective approach and tool-set to support this activity.  We support the scope and management of outsourced business process solutions, as well as the development of requirements for which the partnership arrangement.

Throughout this process, we;

  • Leverage our team’s knowledge of B2C, B2B, eCommerce, retail and other channels
  • Leverage our team’s knowledge and experience of domestic, European, US and APAC supply chain markets
  • Provide operational, transportation and logistics expertise
  • Support the design of an optimised supply chain for service and delivery

A challenge for many organisations is, how to recognise how well you compare to others in your industry, whether that be on operational capability, logistics and transportation, customer relations, or indeed on cost.

Your need to benchmark your organisation against a baseline, allows for a quantifiable approach to ensuring you maximise performance.  Bench-marking against your industry peers, and other providers in the space within which your partners operate, allows you to ensure your satisfaction in the cost and service you achieve.

Questions can arise as to how to ensure the metric you are using to compare, is based on the same definition and source of metrics that you use.  Once you have benchmarked your results, the decision around the sourcing of the right partner for your business, is made simpler.  

Engaging with PerformanSC can not only support your benchmarking of yourselves and your partners to the market, but also in sourcing the right partner to meet your business needs.  

Having identified your preferred outsource partner, the process moves to the integration and implementation requirements;
  • resourcing the integration of a new partner
  • ensuring best practice is maintained when processes are being developed to manage the supply chain
  • translating their requirements in the re-mapping between two systems, some of which have had bespoke adjustments made, or follow a non-standard approach
  • business specific requirements that need to be facilitated in a new system or new process
  • language, geography, culture or technology differences between organisations
  • ensuring corporate requirements and initiatives are aligned with the proposed solution

PerformanSC provides practical advice and support to our customers throughout their partner implementation.  We bring a broad industry and supply chain knowledge to the process, leveraging our in-house developed project management standards.

The ability to measure performance, whether internally or with your provider, is key to the success of your operations.  Quantifiable metrics used, form the cornerstone of the strategic and operations decisions made, for your organisation.

Managing an outsource partner can be a challenge for many, as you move away from having access, at the touch of a button, to recognised measurements within your organisation.  There is, however, no reason why this cannot be available to you with a new supply chain partner.  It is purely a matter of knowing what processes to measure and what metrics to use.

PerformanSC brings that experience to your business.  Through our extensive knowledge of supply chain operations and partnership arrangements, we take a structured, lean six sigma approach to measuring activity.  Whether it be in support of industry certification, or initiated to support a process improvement initiative, our six sigma lead team support your efforts across your business, covering areas including;

  • warehouse operations
  • inventory management
  • quality and compliance
  • order management and fulfilment
  • customer service and support
  • sales and marketing
  • partner relations
  • logistics and customs compliance
Outsource supply chain partner for logistics and transportation
Supply Chain Partners working with your business

Channel and Market Strategy support

Enabling growth is a critical function of any supply chain and it can have a greater financial impact than measures to address cost and efficiency. 

In a global market economy, companies have significant opportunities to grow beyond their home market but this frequently requires a knowledge of geographic, regulatory and service requirements.    

Distribution channels and routes to market have also become more varied and the supply chain that supports distributors may need to be very different from one that supports retail, ecommerce, business to business, marketplace and digital commerce.

PerformanSC has significant experience in supporting companies work through the incremental capabilities required to enable this growth – through internal and partner capabilities.

Taking supply chains to a new region requires an understanding of customer demographics, transportation and provider infrastructure, customs and trade, security, route to market, sales taxes, regulatory and cultural dynamics.

With our global resources we have significant experience in helping companies research and deploy the appropriate supply chains to enable new markets.

We identify the requirements specific to an industry and work with companies to establish the necessary infrastructure, themselves or through a qualified partner.    

With multiple channels available to connect with customers, it is important to understand the economics and supply chain requirements of each channel.   

Direct to consumer channels frequently retain a higher share of customer revenue but they come with higher supply chain costs and service needs.  

Retail channels need to align with specific retailer routing guides and can involve significant penalties for non compliance.

Business to business customers frequently have specific product configuration and procurement requirements.

Understanding the impact of each channel, the customer opportunity and the cost to serve is critical to developing an appropriate channel and supporting supply chain strategy.

The shift from brick and mortar to online sales has made consideration of eCommerce sales an imperative for many companies.

eCommerce supply chains require careful configuration to align with customer expectations and physical flows need to be considered in conjunction with customer interaction, financial flows, sales taxes, customer support and returns requirements.

eCommerce is also broader than just direct webstore sales and companies need to consider their strategy for Amazon and other marketplaces.

We support customers in developing their eCommerce supply chain strategy in home markets and internationally.

Many retailers have developed streamlined supply chain flows that ensure consistency in how and when products are presented to their organisation.

To enable this they have developed detailed routing guidance that suppliers must follow – packaging instructions, product labelling, pallet type and height, booking deliveries, returns requirements.    

Non compliance with these requirements can lead to significant delivery penalties and ultimately a delisting of products.

Retailers also have significant requirements to support promotional activity and point of sale displays.

PerformanSC supports the establishment of processes to enable compliance with retailer requirements and to take advantage of retail distribution opportunities.

Supply chain has the potential to be a significant enabler of growth but particularly for high growth companies, supply chain problems can also become a barrier to growth.

PerformanSC has developed a supply chain assessment program to review current supply chain capabilities and identify areas that require attention in the context of a company’s growth plans.     

This allows the proactive prioritisation and investment in capabilities ahead of the need and ensures that supply chains are ready to support planned growth.

Regional and Global channel and market expansion