Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy Statement

PerformanSC is committed to operating our business in a socially responsible manner, that respects our environment, promotes the health and safety of our employees, promotes sustainability in our daily activities and protects the quality of the communities in which we operate.

In our client advisory role, we recognise the opportunity to raise awareness of sustainability issues in supply chain decisions and promote sustainable practices with clients and the industry in general.

Our sustainability principles are:

  • To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice
  • To integrate sustainability considerations into our business decisions
  • To ensure that staff are fully aware of and engaged with supporting our sustainability commitment
  • To minimise the impact on the environment of all office and transportation activities
  • To use our skills and supply chain knowledge to contribute towards sustainability awareness among clients and industry and to promote positive sustainable supply chain actions
  • To review and to continually strive to improve our sustainability performance


Our commitment to achieving a more sustainable environment:

  • Minimize unnecessary travel (particularly air travel) to meetings where alternatives are available, practical and acceptable to clients and partners
  • Manage the efficient timing of meetings in order to avoid making multiple trips
  • Encourage adoption of Electric vehicles, bicycles and public transportation in how we travel
  • Support alternative working arrangements for our staff, including working from home
  • Reduce our use of paper by encouraging a paperless work environment and identifying opportunities to reduce waste
  • Move to eliminate single use plastics from our daily activities
  • Recycle our office waste, including paper, computer supplies and redundant equipment
  • Undertake voluntary work with local community and / or environmental organisations


We believe that our biggest opportunity to contribute to a better environment is through our ability to influence our clients’ supply chain actions.   We will incorporate sustainability considerations into our advice where possible and encourage clients to balance financial and sustainability objectives. We aim to achieve, through big and small changes, to commit to a better quality of life and environment for our employees, clients, partners and suppliers. We commit to recording our progress towards our sustainability goals and reviewing our plans on an annual basis.