Outsource Process Management

Supporting your supply chain outsource needs

Business Case and Scope of Work Development

PerformanSC provides expertise in scoping, developing and managing your outsource supply chain tender processes across the industries. With significant experience in integrated supply chain solutions, we support you through these processes.

Companies are often unclear of their exact needs from a partner, and ensuring comparability with the market is often a challenge. Expanding into new geographies or markets, or changes in business requirements can mean revisiting the current partnership.

With extensive knowledge of the outsource market and providers’ capabilities, we provide independent assessments of the options open to your organisation, in line with our supplier independence policy.

Partner Selection and Negotiation

PerformanSC has developed an effective approach and tool-set to support the scope and management of outsourced solutions, and partnership arrangement requirements.  Throughout this process, we;

  • Leverage our team’s knowledge of B2C, B2B, eCommerce, retail and other channels
  • Leverage our team’s knowledge and experience of domestic, European, US and APAC supply chain markets
  • Provide operational, transportation and logistics expertise
  • Support the design of an optimised supply chain for service and delivery

Engaging with PerformanSC can support the benchmarking of your solution in the market, as well as sourcing the right partner to meet your business needs.

Implementation Project Management

Having identified your preferred outsource partner, integration and implementation requirements follow;

  • resourcing the integration of a new partner, while ensuring best practice is maintained
  • translating requirements, including bespoke or non-standard requirements
  • business specific requirements needing new systems or processes
  • aligning language, geography, culture or technology differences, while ensuring corporate requirements are aligned with proposed solutions
Providing practical advice and support, with broad industry and supply chain knowledge, leveraging our in-house developed project standards.

Other services in this area

The ability to measure performance, whether internally or with your provider, is key to the success of your operations.  Quantifiable metrics used, form the cornerstone of the strategic and operations decisions made, for your organisation.

Managing an outsource partner can be a challenge for many, as you move away from having access, at the touch of a button, to recognised measurements within your organisation.  There is, however, no reason why this cannot be available to you with a new supply chain partner.  It is purely a matter of knowing what processes to measure and what metrics to use.

PerformanSC brings that experience to your business.  Through our extensive knowledge of supply chain operations and partnership arrangements, we take a structured, lean six sigma approach to measuring activity.  Whether it be in support of industry certification, or initiated to support a process improvement initiative, our six sigma lead team support your efforts across your business, covering areas including;

  • warehouse operations
  • inventory management
  • quality and compliance
  • order management and fulfilment
  • customer service and support
  • sales and marketing
  • partner relations
  • logistics and customs compliance

A challenge for many organisations is, how to recognise how well you compare to others in your industry, whether that be on operational capability, logistics and transportation, customer relations, or indeed on cost.

Your need to benchmark your organisation against a baseline, allows for a quantifiable approach to ensuring you maximise performance.  Bench-marking against your industry peers, and other providers in the space within which your partners operate, allows you to ensure your satisfaction in the cost and service you achieve.

Questions can arise as to how to ensure the metric you are using to compare, is based on the same definition and source of metrics that you use.  Once you have benchmarked your results, the decision around the sourcing of the right partner for your business, is made simpler.

Is your supply chain partner right for you?

Through our work with both clients and providers, PerformanSC have a unique perspective on matching provider capabilities to your needs.

From the gathering of requirements, to partner selection and contract negotiation, PerformanSC will support you in the process from start to finish.

We support your team with independent expertise, to drive the best decisions and structure.

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