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A Valentine’s supply chain rhyme from ChatGPT!

Published: February 14, 2023
Author: Lorcan Sheehan

As the world of AI generated content evolves at a rapid pace, we found ourselves in recent weeks testing the capabilities of ChatGPT for supply chain related content.  Our searches were initially at the high-level, fun end of the spectrum (ChatGPT – write a Valentine’s Day rhyme about supply chain), but we also dug deeper to see how it responded in more complex and technical areas.   

Our process was neither rigorous nor scientific, but we have some initial observations below that you may find useful:

  • You cannot help but be impressed by the speed at which coherent content can be created
  • For the highest-level queries, we were presented with key concepts in a logical fashion, written in the style of a white paper or newspaper article. It was certainly not perfect, but we could see how it could be used as a starting point when writing about a topic.
  • The challenges really appeared when we entered more detailed questions or technical areas:
    • We were presented with information that was superficial and did not address the questions asked. For example, when asked about optimising inventory levels for service, we were presented with a range of topics ranging from forecasting to cycle counting, but there was no real depth or insight.
    • At times, information that was also factually incorrect.  For example, when asking about the challenges for Irish food producers due to Brexit, its first sentence was that “Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, Irish food producers now face tariffs when exporting to the UK“.  With the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, this is not the case for most food producers.
    • There is no attribution to sources for the information provided and thus no real way to verify the information that is presented
    • Questions also arise in relation to the IP ownership and attribution of the information provided. Some of this is dealt with in this article from Forbes – Who Ultimately Owns Content Generated By ChatGPT and Other AI Platforms? (

There is no doubt that this is a technology that will continue to improve and that can be adapted to support business functions.  As with any technology, it is important to understand its use cases and potential limitations.

So, back to our Valentine’s Day rhyme about supply chain – we will let you judge for yourself whether the supply chain love of your life could be wooed by ChatGPT.

The following content was generated by ChatGPT in response to the request to:

Write a Valentine’s Day rhyme about supply chain.  

My love for you is like a supply chain strong,

With every link we make, it just gets better, long.

From procurement to delivery, we work hand in hand,

Ensuring each step is done with precision, as planned.

Our communication is key, just like inventory flow,

We keep each other informed, and always in the know.

Just like how suppliers and manufacturers unite,

Our love will endure and always shine bright.

With love as the product and trust as the brand,

Our supply chain of love will forever stand.

On this Valentine’s Day, my love, I declare,

You are the missing piece, the perfect fit, beyond compare.

We would love to understand how you plan to use ChatGPT and other AI platforms.

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