PerformanSC Supply Chain joins InterTradeIreland Brexit Advisory Services

Published: March 29, 2018
Author: Keelin Rowan

PerformanSC are delighted to join InterTradeIreland’s Brexit Advisory Services as a service provider for their ‘Start to Plan’ advice and support program.  As a specialist supply chain consulting firm, we bring independent practitioner-led expertise to companies looking to navigate their supply chains through the potential impact of Brexit.  With considerable experience in working with organisations across a variety of industry sectors with a particular focus on Healthcare, High Tech, Food and Drink, Consumer Goods, Retail and Logistics, we bring a hands-on approach to advising participants in the program, on the impact of Brexit to their business. 

We look forward to working with InterTradeIreland and their program participants. 

See for more details of the program.

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