Research phase for 2018 edition of Healthcare Supply Chain Insights series, announced

Published: November 9, 2017
Author: Keelin Rowan

Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC and PerformanSC Supply Chain Ltd, announce the start of the research phase for the 2018 edition of their Healthcare Supply Chain Insights series.

This will be the fourth report in the series that has charted the development of the Consolidated Service Center (‘CSC’) supply chain model since 2012 based on primary research with senior health system executives.

“Since our first report in 2012, we estimate that the number of health systems adopting the Consolidated Service Center model has increased from less than 20 to more than 70 health systems in the US, with similar supply chain concepts also being adopted internationally,” said Jamie Kowalski, President of Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC.

The research tracks the evolution of the health system supply chain from the provider perspective and provides insights, from the development of the business case for health systems, through implementation, expansion and evolution of the supply chain model.

It calls out implications for supplier, distributor, purchasing and logistics organisations within the supply chain and looks to understand from the provider perspective the economics and metrics behind the CSC supply chain model.

“The third edition of the research, published in 2016, shifted focus from the implementation of the Consolidated Service Center model, to its evolution and the metrics that health systems use to measure success,” said Lorcan Sheehan, CEO of PerformanSC Supply Chain Ltd.

“The 2018 report will build further on the evolution of the model and will look for practitioner based inputs into the potential disruptors that will influence the next phase of healthcare supply chain development.”

The fourth edition of Health System Supply Chain Insights is expected to be published in March 2018. The researchers are currently engaged with senior health system executives and industry stakeholders to help shape the research agenda.

Those interested in learning more about the research are invited to contact Jamie C Kowalski or Lorcan Sheehan.


About Jamie C. Kowalski LLC:

Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC is a leading independent healthcare supply chain consulting and analyst firm founded by healthcare industry supply chain veteran, Jamie C. Kowalski, LFACHE.

He has studied the CSC model since the 1980s, and is one of a select group of healthcare supply chain leaders who have been inducted into The Bellwether League -the Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders.


About PerformanSC Supply Chain Limited:

PerformanSC Supply Chain Limited is a specialist supply chain consulting firm that brings independent practitioner-led expertise to companies looking to achieve step-function improvements in their supply chain performance, accelerate value and enable their expansion into new channels and markets.

PerformanSC works with organisations across a variety of industry sectors with a particular focus on Healthcare, High Tech, Food and Drink, Consumer Goods, Retail and Logistics.

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