PerformanSC Supply Chain Announces Support for Rapid Growth Companies with “Supply Chain Fundamentals Assessment” Service

Published: October 30, 2017
Author: Keelin Rowan

PerformanSC Supply Chain announces an intensive supply chain assessment service, which is targeted at start-up and rapid growth companies. The review of structures, processes and performance across key supply chain functions, provides insights into improvement opportunities and priority areas that need to be addressed to realise company growth objectives.
“The Supply Chain Fundamentals Assessment service codifies the approach that we have successfully taken with a number of start-ups and rapid growth companies.” said Lorcan Sheehan, CEO of PerformanSC Supply Chain.
“Growth is rarely just a factor of increased volumes. It frequently comes with more complexity from additional products, channels, markets and customer requirements. With the investments being made to deliver growth, companies need to have confidence that their supply chain will not become the limiting factor.”
The assessment was originally developed as part of PerformanSC’s “Supply Chain for Start-Ups” portfolio, to provide expert guidance to early stage companies on the supply chain processes, resources and partnerships required to get their products to market.
More detail about the program can be found at
About PerformanSC Supply Chain:
PerformanSC Supply Chain Limited is a specialist supply chain consulting firm that brings independent practitioner-led expertise to companies looking to achieve step-function improvements in their supply chain performance, accelerate value and enable their expansion into new channels and markets.
PerformanSC works with organisations across a variety of industry sectors with a particular focus on Healthcare, High Tech, Food and Drink, Consumer Goods, Retail and Logistics.
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