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Positive impacts of supply chain

Published: December 16, 2020
Author: Lorcan Sheehan

Positive impacts of supply chain

In 2006, AMR research issued a publication under the title – Supply Chain Saves the World. They recognised the position of influence that supply chain professionals have on areas that influence key social issues.

If we want to eliminate plastics, migrate to a circular economy, eliminate waste, accelerate healthcare improvements, reduce the cost of housing provision, ensure ethical sourcing, or migrate transportation away from carbon dependence, supply chain professionals are either driving these decisions or in the room as key influencers.

We know that our supply chains will continue to evolve to meet market challenges.  The difficulty with many of the social challenges is that we need to consider the impact on our supply chains across a timeframe that extends beyond the normal budgetary horizon.

The unique skills that we have developed in supply chain can be applied to many of the most pressing social issues facing the world today.  The challenges we face include:

  •           Getting serious about sustainability, circularity, and climate change
  •           Working to eliminate food waste
  •           Improving access to healthcare
  •          Improving access to housing and shelter
  •          Promoting equity within our supply chains
  • Promoting diversity and equality within our supply chains
  •          Supporting humanitarian supply chain efforts

Most of the solutions to these problems also go to the heart of waste elimination, enabling new revenue sources, building resilience within our supply chains, and protecting our brands.

This is not about creating new headlines for corporate social responsibility reporting.  It is about recognising our responsibility, when we are considering our supply chain priorities for 2021, to take on initiatives that go beyond just cheaper and faster for the next budgetary cycle.

After all, if we are to attract inspire the next generation of supply chain leaders, we need to show them the power of the profession to deliver on social as well as financial objectives.

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