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Brexit – UK implementation of inbound checks on Products of Animal Origin (POAO)​

Published: March 16, 2021
Author: Keelin Rowan

Brexit – UK implementation of inbound checks on Products of Animal Origin (POAO)

When the Brexit transition period ended on the 31st December 2020, the EU implemented full customs checks on imports from Great Britain, including requirements for health certificates and pre-notification on shipments of products of animal origin (POAO).

The UK decided to take a phased approach, with health inspections due to be phased in on 1st April 2021 and full customs controls from the 1st July 2021.  The UK has delayed these phases with health inspections now due to take effect on 1st October 2021, with the full customs controls from the 1st January 2022.

While the change in the timeline might be seen as a relief for some businesses, let’s not forget that solutions will need to be found for meeting these customs requirements.

If your business is supplying products of animal origin you will still need to prepare now for the requirements that will apply from 1st October 2021;

  1. All exports of qualifying products must be pre-notified to the UK authorities on their IPAFFS system, 24 hours before the shipment is due to arrive in GB. Pre-notification must be completed by the UK importer.
  2. Your organisation will need to have identified the ‘responsible person’, who must be available for the period of the transit, should there be an issue for resolution
  3. You must have a health certificate for all POAO product shipments. The current requirement is outlined as needing this certificate to be uploaded on IPAFFS, but the original health certificate must travel with the driver and be available for inspection.
  4. The appropriate Common Health Entry Document (CHED) must be completed and accompany the shipment
  5. Costs for health inspections may be incurred. Ensuring the appropriate pre-notifications have been completed will be key to streamlining this process for your shipment.
  6. Direct landings in the UK must have a captain’s certificate, meeting authorisation requirements from their competent authority
  7. UK Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will conduct risk based documentary inspections

From 1st January 2022;

  1. All direct landings in the UK, must be into a designated Border Control Post (BCP)
  2. DEFRA will conduct 100% documentary inspections on POAO shipments, in addition to spot identity checks and physical audits

For products of animal origin transiting via the GB land bridge will also require the above steps. In addition, pre-notification on the EU TRACES NT system is required, giving 24 hours’ notice before the shipment arrives at the EU point of entry.

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