Training Courses

Training courses to meet your supply chain needs

PerformanSC are delighted to provide your business with training courses in highly specialised areas of the supply chain.

Having successfully executed supply chain, compliance and customs courses for the last number of years and with our expertise, both in Ireland and the United States, we are delighted to support your business requirements by providing insight and expertise through our courses provided.

Our in-house courses are run by professional practitioners in supply chain, trade and compliance. The consulting Principals with PerformanSC have successfully led supply chain teams in multinational organisations and we bring that hands-on experience to our courses, providing your team with the insights needed for successful business outcomes.

Customs Awareness Training

Customs compliance training, understanding the customs landscape for your supply chain

  • Introduction training looks at key areas of customs requirements and obligations for your business
  • Advanced training delves deeper into detail, covering specifics for your industry
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AEO Training

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)  certification providing trusted shipper status in the EU

  • Guidance through the application process, and maintaining compliance
  • Benefits for your organisation, and effects on customs simplification procedures
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Incoterms® Training

Incoterms® are globally recognised rules, covered by International Law, regarding international transportation of goods

  • Recognise all Incoterms®, and understand where responsibility lies for you and your business
  • Understand the impact of using them incorrectly and ensure you manage cost and risk in your international shipments
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Outsource Management Training

Outsourcing parts of your supply chain operations can be a daunting task

  • Practical, experienced insights into the costs, benefits and pitfals
  • Internal infrastructure and governance for sucessful outsourcing
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Supply Chain Training

Course providing insights into your supply chain, delving into its’ importance as a revenue and market enabler

  • Supply chain overview from sourcing, through product and delivery, including returns and customer relationship management
  • Identify the challenges within the supply chain, and the key impacts of business decisions made
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eCommerce Training

Setting up your supply chain for eCommerce success

  • Understanding the business infrastructure needs to meet the challenges, benefits and opportunities of eCommerce
  • Recognising your requirements, internal change requirements and other key factors of success
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SAD training

As the principal customs form used in international trade, it is critical for those managing exports and  imports to understand the SAD

  • Understanding of the complexities of the SAD documentation
  • Identify the related regulatory requirements and how they are managed
  • How to correctly complete the documentation, using commercial paperwork, to meet your customs requirements
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