Outsource Management training

PerformanSC provides outsourcing training to support businesses who are exploring their outsourcing options

In-house training course for individuals and teams

PerformanSC provides outsourcing training, to support businesses who are exploring their outsourcing options.  This in-house course provides the insights into the key decision points for outsourcing, and suits businesses;

  • who are looking to outsource parts of their supply chain operations
  • exploring what options are open to them regarding outsourcing
  • that are new to outsourcing and want to ensure they benefit from insights provided by industry experts


Course Learning Objectives

As one of the most significant decisions that an organisation can make, this course provides all attendees with the insights on outsourcing, from a practitioner standpoint.

The PerformanSC trainers, having managed a significant volume of outsourcing engagements across the industries, in addition to extensive hands-on experience of 3PLs and 4PLs, support trainees in their gaining an understanding of the key outsource versus insource questions, whilst recognising the organisations’ drivers for considering this approach.

Our practical training approach is focussed on imparting the experience of supply chain outsourcing, in real life scenario discussions.

The course is aimed at those functions, directly related to outsourcing, and provides an overview of the key impacts, the costs and benefits, and key tips on finding the right partner for your business.

Course information

Course duration is one-half day

Maximum 10-15 persons

Training is delivered online

The course provides an overview of the approach to outsourcing, the areas of your business that need consideration, and the pitfalls to avoid.  Included in the learnings are;

  • Outsourcing strategy and how to recognise the costs and benefits of outsource vs. insource
  • Internal changes for success
  • Infrastructure to meet business objectives;
    • Integration of ERP / WMS / CMS activities
    • Sales & Operations Planning
    • Forecasting and inventory management
    • Product lifecycle
    • Channel requirements
    • Governance
  • Business structure
  • Governance for success

Our outsourcing program is structured to provide insights to all the relevant functions, across your organisations, including;

  • Management
  • Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Procurement & Planning
  • IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer service & support
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