Customs Awareness Training

Customs has often been characterised as a challenging area for supply chain.

With the changing requirements in tariffs, with Brexit, and ongoing global customs developments, there has been an increased awareness by organisations of their need to ensure compliance with global customs requirements.

With decades of hands-on experience in customs, logistics, transportation and trade compliance, our Customs Awareness training team brings clarity to your managing of customs requirements.

Customs Training

Customs training is provided at two levels, to meet the needs of all those involved, either directly or indirectly, in the adherence to international customs regulations.

Introduction to customs awareness course; is suitable for logistics and freight forwarding professionals, as well as those responsible for customs, trade, compliance, finance, procurement, supply chain and operations managers. This training provides an overview of the customs landscape for your supply chain and introduces key areas of customs requirements and obligations, relating to your business.

The Advanced customs training course; delves deeper than customs awareness, and covers more complex areas in detail, such as customs procedures, Denied Party Screening, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), as well as EU & US Export Controls.  Industry specific requirements are also covered for course participants.

The content of the customs training courses can be adjusted to meet your organisation’s needs.  Just reach out to have an initial conversation.

Training Objectives - What will you learn?

Introduction training

The overall objective from this training is that attendees will leave knowing how to identify customs and trade concepts, understand how they apply to your business and find out where to learn more.

Attendees will;

  • Become familiar with the roles of custom’s authorities
  • Recognise the various stakeholders
  • Understand some of the key elements of Custom’s and duties frameworks
  • Identify the components of custom’s valuation
  • Understand the basics of product classification
  • Develop awareness of the impact of product origins and preference protocols
  • Gain an awareness of customs special procedures and reliefs
  • Have an introduction to the role of AEO and custom’s preferential guarantees
  • Recognise the requirements and purpose of custom’s documentation
  • Be introduced to EU and US export controls Review and discuss potential Brexit impacts

Advanced Customs training

Building from the Introduction training, attendees will leave knowing with a more in-depth knowledge of customs and trade concepts, and gain an understanding in some of the specifics around customs requirements, such as;

  • Customs and duties framework
  • Customs valuation
  • Inward Processing
  • Procedure codes ¦ International business
  • Free Trade Zones
  • Quotas
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) ¦ Types of AEO ¦ Mutual recognition
  • EU & US Export controls ¦ Export licenses ¦ Embargoed Countries
  • DPL Restricted Parties – Screening, Permissions / licenses and Managing sanctions
  • Product origins and preference protocols
  • Dual use – Identfication, Permissions / approvals / licenses

Course Information

Course duration is one-half day

Maximum 10-12 persons

Course can be provided online, or on-site at PerformanSC offices or your in-house training facilities

  • Those responsible for customs, trade, quality and compliance – to ensure that all customs, trade and related activities are in compliance with customs legislation
  • Procurement Managers – as insights to customs requirements is from supply and country of origin
  • Finance Managers – with responsibility for the financial impact of customs infrastructure and process
  • Directors – having oversight of the organisation and the legal compliance requirements
  • Supply Chain and Operations managers – to ensure that all supply chain and operational activity falls within the legislative rules
  • Logistics and freight forwarding professionals – in managing the physical movement of product around the world
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