Supply Chain and customs training programmes

Supply Chain Training

PerformanSC are delighted to provide your business with training programmes in highly specialised areas of the supply chain.  

Having successfully executed supply chain, compliance and customs courses for the last number of years and have expertise, both in Ireland and the United States, we are delighted to support your business requirements by providing insight and expertise through our courses provided.

Our courses are run by professional practitioners in supply chain, trade and compliance.  The consulting Principals with PerformanSC have successfully led supply chain teams in multinational organisations. We bring that hands-on experience to our courses, providing your team with the insights needed for successful outcomes. 

What training do we offer?

AEO training

Course provides an understanding in how to obtain and maintain AEO

Brexit Essentials training

Provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the impact that Brexit is likely to have on international trade.

Customs Awareness Level 1

Introduction and awareness, customs concepts, framework, controls, AEO, documentation

Customs Awareness Level 2

Detailed view, customs concepts and frameworks, classification, controls, AEO and documentation

Customs Documentation training

Explore the definitions, terms, stakeholders and requirements of SADs

GDP training

Provides an understanding of GDP in relation to the HPRA guidelines, for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Supply chain training

Introduction to supply chains and the relevance to your business, its growth and success


For further details, email or contact us here to discuss your specific business requirements.